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Table 2 Median (min-max) time/counts, number of participants and number of events for different PA intensities and total activity counts by tertiles (n = 1220)

From: Accelerometry-assessed physical activity and sedentary time and associations with chronic disease and hospital visits - a prospective cohort study with 15 years follow-up

 Tertile 1Tertile 2Tertile 3
Sedentary time, min/day402 (188–454)494 (455–529)578 (530–785)
Participants/events, n407/102407/119406/121
Light-intensity PA, min/day251 (9–295)337 (296–378)433 (379–794)
Participants/events, n407/121407/127406/64
Moderate-to-vigorous PA, min/day12 (0–19)28 (20–38)54 (39–501)
Participants /events, n411/160404/103405/79
Total activity counts/day, thousands200 (6–250)300 (251–343)433 (350–429)
Participants/events, n411/159405/98404/85
  1. PA physical activity