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Table 4 Illustrations of how the ARTS project adhered to characteristics of innovations that diffuse through social systems (adapted from Rogers, 2003)

From: Diverse school community engagement with the North Carolina active routes to school project: a diffusion study

Characteristics of Innovations that DiffuseIllustrative attributes of the ARTS Project
Relative advantageCompared to other physical activity programs, engagement with the ARTS Project tended to require less space, equipment, and class time to carry out or implement.
TrialabilityOne-time promotional events (e.g., BTSD and WTSD) typically did not require ongoing financial or administrative commitments, yet often led to greater involvement with the Project.
CompatibilityThe ARTS Project and its promotion of physical activity was in keeping with many schools’ and districts’ goals to foster health and well-being among their students and staff.
ObservabilityThe benefits of participating in the ARTS Project were often salient to parent groups, and school staff and administrators in the form of more alert, happier, and better performing students.
SimplicityActing as change agents in the diffusion of the ARTS Project, ARTS Coordinators illustrated the ease of establishing recurring practices including the “morning mile” and promotional events (e.g., WTSD and BTSD) toward building up more comprehensive active school travel programs.