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Table 6 Summary table of results: Main effects are shown for all socio-demographic factors by physical activity variables combinations. City-specific effects are shown when there were significant demographic by city interactions

From: Do associations of sex, age and education with transport and leisure-time physical activity differ across 17 cities in 12 countries?

 ≥10 min/week of transport PA≥150 min/week of transport PANon-zero transport PA min/week≥10 min/week of leisure PA≥150 min/week of leisure PANon-zero leisure PA min/week
[−] Adelaide, Ghent, Curitiba, North Shore, Waitakere, Christchurch, Stoke-on-Trent, Seattle, Baltimore
[+] Cuernavaca, Pamplona
[−] Wellington
[+] Hong Kong, Pamplona
[+] Ghent, Olomouc, Aarhus, Pamplona
[−] Bogota, Olomouc, Hradec Králové, Aarhus, Cuernavaca, Wellington, Seattle, Baltimore [+] Pamplona
High school or some college (reference: < high school graduate)XXX[+]***[+]***X
[+] Waitakere
College graduate (reference: < high school graduate)XX[−]**[+]***[+]***X
[−] Aarhus, Hong Kong, Pamplona
[+] Bogota, Cuernavaca, Waitakere
Female sex (reference: male)X[−]**[−]***
[−] Adelaide, Curitiba, Bogota, Cuernavaca, Seattle
[−] Adelaide, Bogota
[+]Ghent, Aarhus
[−] Adelaide, Pamplona, Stoke-on-Trent, Seattle
  1. [−] – negative association; [+] – positive association; X – no main effect
  2. * p-value ranging from ≤.05 to >.01; ** p-value ranging from ≤01 to >.001; *** p ≤ .001