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Table 1 Exercise patterns across the three follow-up timepoints in breast cancer patients who exercised during chemotherapy

From: Patterns and predictors of exercise behavior during 24 months of follow-up after a supervised exercise program during breast cancer chemotherapy

Same exercise guideline at each of the three timepoints
3Aerobic only218.0
4Resistance only41.5
Alternating two exercise guidelines across the three timepoints (in any order)
5Combined / Aerobic only5621.2
6Aerobic only / Neither3613.7
7Combined / Resistance only197.2
8Combined / Neither197.2
9Resistance only / Neither176.5
10Aerobic only / Resistance only83.1
Different exercise guideline at each of the three timepoints (in any order)
11Combined / Aerobic only / Neither166.0
12Aerobic only / Resistance only / Neither62.3
13Combined / Resistance only / Neither41.5
14Combined / Aerobic only / Resistance only41.5