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Table 1 Carrot Rewards “Steps” walking program timeline and evolution

From: Commercial app use linked with sustained physical activity in two Canadian provinces: a 12-month quasi-experimental study

June 13, 2016“Steps” Program Launches“Steps” launches in British Columbia and Newfoundland & Labrador
July 8, 2016First Goal Modified1000 step increase initially added to baseline mean to set daily goal is removed
July 28, 2016“Step Up Challenge” LaunchesUsers earn bonus reward for achieving 10 or more daily goals in 14 days
September 20, 2016FitBit IntegrationUsers given option of tracking steps with any FitBit device
October, 2016Mid-Week BonusesFor the month of October users earn 2, 5, or 10 times the points for reaching daily goals on Wednesdays
February 9, 2017‘Smart Goals’Adaptive goal setting introduced where users’ goals re-calculated every 2–4 weeks using data from last 30 days
July 9, 2017Evaluation Period Ends12-month evaluation period concludes