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Table 2 Studies and participant characteristics

From: Social return on investment (SROI) method to evaluate physical activity and sport interventions: a systematic review

Ref.AuthorsYear of publica-tionType of organisation commissioning the studyType of analysts performing the studyCountry where the study was conductedSetting of the PAS interventionPAS intervention typeTarget population of the PAS intervention
31Baker Tilly2010CharityConsulting firmUKRegionalPreventive - primaryGeneral population
32Lobley N & Carrick K2011Voluntary organisationSocial enterprise and independent charitable companyUKCommunityPreventive – sec. and tertiaryIndividuals with long-term medical or mental health issues or elderly people
33Baker Tilly2013Company limited by guarantee with charitable statusConsulting firmUKRegionalPreventive - primaryGeneral population
34Carrick K2013Public agencySocial enterprise and independent charitable companyUKMunicipalPreventive - primaryGroups of city residents least likely to take regular exercise
35ICF GHK2013Public agencyConsulting firmUKRegionalPreventive - primary14- to 25-year-olds who are not particularly sporty
36Charlton C2014Public agencyConsulting firmUKRegionalPreventive - primary14- to 25-year-olds who are not particularly sporty
37Butler W & Leathem K2014CharityConsulting firmUKCommunitySport for developmentYoung people (under 17) from challenging neighbourhoods
44Centre for Sport and Social Impact (CSSI), La Trobe University2015Public agencyResearch/AcademiaAustraliaCommunityPreventive - primaryParticipants of typical community football club
46Ozgun SC2016Private firmConsulting firmTurkeySchoolSport for developmentGirls 10–12
38New Economics Foundation and TCV2016Community volunteering charityConsulting firm and CharityUKCommunityPreventive – sec. and tertiaryIndividuals coming from deprived background and with physical or mental health problems
39Davies L, Taylor P, Ramchandani G, & Christy E2016Public agencyResearch/AcademiaUKNationalPreventive - primaryGeneral population
40Chin C2016Public agencyPartnership of a University Health Board and a Sport OrganisationUKRegionalPreventive – sec. and tertiaryDisabled people
41Hopkinson M2016Public agency and Charity (partnership)Research consultant for a Sport Organisation (public)UKCommunitySport for developmentYoung people (14–25) living in disadvantaged communities across the UK
45Darlington C.2014Not for profit Sport AssociationSport OrganisationAustraliaRegionalHigh performance sportHigh performance athletes
42Baker C, Courtney P, Kubinakova K, Ellis L, Loughren E, & Crone D2017Public agencyResearch/AcademiaUKRegionalPreventive – primaryGeneral population
43Regeneris Consulting2017CharityConsulting firm (Pro Bono)UKCommunitySport for developmentPeople with multiple and complex needs of all ages, from primary schoolchildren to prisoners
30Sanders B & Raptis E2017Public agencyResearch/AcademiaSouth AfricaCommunitySport for developmentUnemployed youth (18–30)