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Table 1 Analysed categories of food retailers

From: Recent changes in the Dutch foodscape: socioeconomic and urban-rural differences

Analytical categoryFood retailers composing the analytical categoryDefinition of food retailers and/or main food products offered by them
Local food shopsGreengrocersMain provision of potatoes, vegetables and fruit
ButcheryMain provision of meat and meat products
Poultry shopMain provision of poultry
BakeryMain provision of bread and pastries. Table service is possible, but this is not be the main store activity
Fish storesMain provision of fish, crustaceans and molluscs
Fast food restaurantsFast food chains and locally owned fast food restaurantsMain provision of mostly deep-fried products that are ready for consumption in few minutes after ordering. Usually there is no table service available.
Food deliveryFood delivery
Take away
Main provision of meals that are not consumed in the store, but are collected or delivered
RestaurantsRestaurantMain provision of meals a-la-carte, table service is present. Drinks are only provided in combination with food
Café-restaurantMain provision of both drinks and simple meals
Restaurant in hotelsMain provision of overnight accommodation in combination with an a-la-carte restaurant
SupermarketSupermarketStore selling a wide range of food and non-food products which are used on a daily bases. Store size should be at least 150 m2
Convenience storesConvenience storesSame as supermarkets but store size is less than 150 m2