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Table 3 Socio-demographics of parent and child panel

From: Cultural adaptation of ‘Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids’ for Hispanic families: applying the ecological validity model

Demographic VariableNumberPercent
Parent sex, n = 35
Child sex, n = 9
Parent education
 Less than High School2160%
 High School/GED1029%
 Greater than High School411%
Family income
  < than $20,0001029%
 $20,000- $39,9992263%
  > $40,00039%
Language spoken at home
 Both English and Spanish1337%
Parent born in the US
Country where born, if outside US
 Puerto Rico a14%
Family Country of Origin
 Multiple - Other411%
Relationship with the child
 Step Father39%
 Other male relative13%
Parents Age (years) n = 3537.318.4
Child Age (years) n = 99.221.3
  1. The % values in some categories do not sum to 100% due to rounding
  2. GED general education diploma
  3. US United States
  4. aParticipant reported being born outside of US and identified country as Puerto Rico. Given the cultural difference of Puerto Rico from Latin American and South American countries, this was retained despite Puerto Rico being a territory of the US