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Table 2 Total sample outcome measure compliance and completion rates at baseline and follow-up

From: Stand Out in Class: restructuring the classroom environment to reduce sitting time – findings from a pilot cluster randomised controlled trial

 BaselineFollow-upBoth baseline and follow-up
activPAL data on weekdaysa
  ≥ 1 valid day80.1%76.1%63.1%
  ≥ 2 valid days74.4%66.5%51.7%
  ≥ 3 valid days65.3%53.4%39.2%
  ≥ 4 valid days54.5%42.6%27.3%
 5 valid days18.2%16.5%5.7%
ActiGraph data on weekdaysa
  ≥ 1 valid day94.3%87.5%83.5%
  ≥ 2 valid days89.8%78.4%73.3%
  ≥ 3 valid days85.2%65.3%58.0%
  ≥ 4 valid days75.0%50.0%42.6%
 5 valid days25.6%11.4%5.1%
Anthropometric measures98.9%95.5%94.3%
Body composition98.9%94.9%93.8%
Blood pressure77.8%89.8%70.5%
Engagement vs Disaffection with Learning (child reported)97.7%96.0%93.8%
Strength and Difficulties questionnaire (teacher reported)91.5%94.9%90.3%
  1. aA valid day for the activPAL and ActiGraph constituted at least 8 h of wear on a weekday