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Table 2 Cooking skills among older Japanese men (n = 9143) and women (n = 10,595)

From: Cooking skills related to potential benefits for dietary behaviors and weight status among older Japanese men and women: a cross-sectional study from the JAGES

Overall cooking skills3.151.53−1.60< 0.0014.991.12−0.77< 0.001
Able to peel fruits and vegetables4.751.44reference 5.760.74reference 
Able to boil eggs and vegetables4.581.56−0.17< 0.0015.780.730.020.007
Able to grill fish4.241.72−0.50< 0.0015.700.86−0.06< 0.001
Able to make stir-fried meat and vegetables4.041.76−0.70< 0.0015.720.82−0.04< 0.001
Able to make miso soup4.161.77−0.59< 0.0015.740.80−0.020.001
Able to make stewed dishes3.431.81−1.32< 0.0015.720.82−0.05< 0.001
Cooking skill scale4.051.42  5.630.74  
  1. Multiple comparisons between cooking skills scale were analyzed using the mixed linear models procedure adjusted for age, education, annual normalized household income, marital status and medical treatment (cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, hypertension and hyperlipidemia). Participant identification code was included as a random effect