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Table 2 Overview of the implementation support strategies for first 12 months (4 school terms)

From: Scale-up of the Physical Activity 4 Everyone (PA4E1) intervention in secondary schools: 12-month implementation outcomes from a cluster randomized controlled trial

Implementation support strategies (n = 7) and sub-strategies (n = 23) (implemented over 4 school terms) Fidelity (provided)
(n/N schools)
Reach (uptake)
(n/N schools)
1. Executive and leadership support
1.1: PA4E1 Partnership agreement signed by school executive. N/A 24/24
1.2: New or existing school committee formed to oversee program. N/A 15/24
1.3: The School committee is inclusive of in-School Champion and school executive to oversee the program. N/A 10/24
1.4: Committee met at least once per term. N/A 10/24
2. Embedded school staff: in-School Champion
2.1: An existing school PE teacher is allocated the role of in-School Champion to support implementation for full 12 months. N/A 24/24
2.2: The position was funded by the NSW Department of Health, half day per week (equivalent to $350AUD a fortnight). 24/24 24/24
3. External implementation support
3.1: Health Promotion Support Officer (ideally a trained PE teacher) appointed to support schools with the program. 24/24 24/24
3.2: Health Promotion Support Officer was co-located within the relevant local health district. 17/24 17/24
3.3: Weekly contact was made with in-School Champion via phone, email and/or face-to-face site visits for 12 months. N/A N/A
3.4: Support Officer and in-School Champion have a face-to-face contact at least once a term. 24/24 18/24
4. Teacher professional learning
4.1: In-School Champion training −1-day of face to face training session was hosted by PA4E1 implementation team in Term 1. Accommodation, meals and transport costs were covered by the NSW Department of Health. 24/24 24/24
4.2: Quality PE training for all PE teachers - 6 × 10-min online training videos followed by knowledge check short quizzes focused on the SAAFE principles were delivered via a password protected program website. 24/24 12/24
4.3: Enhanced school sport training – in-School Champions and other teachers involved in delivering the program could attend an existing 1 day face-to-face Resistance Training for Teens workshop offered by the NSW Department of Education (School Sport Unit), or equivalent training run by PA4E1 implementation team (not accredited). Course costs to be paid by project for in-School Champion, but not for other teachers. 24/24 23/24
4.4: School PA policy training – in-School Champion offered existing online training run by the NSW Department of Education School Sport Unit (Government schools only, n = 19) [26]. 19/19 4/19
5. Resources
5.1: Printed posters outlining Quality PE principles (SAAFE Principles [22]) to be displayed in PE department delivered to in-School Champions. 24/24 24/24
5.2: A $100AUD PA equipment voucher was provided to support the delivery of recess and lunchtime PA. 24/24 24/24
5.3: Equipment provided to support the delivery of recess and lunchtime PA enhanced schools sport program (5 Gymsticks/school) 24/24 22/24
5.4: Electronic resources housed on the program website (PA4E1 online) included:
  - overview of program presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint presentation)
  - project milestones to be achieved each term (over 4 terms)
  - online quality PE training (SAAFE Principle videos (6 videos - one overview and one per Principle) and worksheet, peer observation materials)
  - student personal PA plan templates
  - recess and lunch resources
  - policy templates
  - examples of community PA providers
  - tips and frequently asked questions
24/24 24/24
6. Provision of prompts and reminders
6.1: Weekly emails or phone calls were made by the Support Officer to in-School Champions to encourage implementation. 16/24 16/24
6.2: Automated messages were sent each term via the program website to in-School Champions to prompt completion of teacher professional learning and online termly performance monitoring and feedback surveys. 24/24 24/24
7. Implementation performance monitoring and feedback
7.1: In-School Champion completes all termly surveys via the program website (PA4E1 Online). 24/24 24/24
7.2: A feedback report is automatically generated and sent to in-School Champions via email 24/24 24/24
7.3: A feedback report is automatically generated and sent to school Principals via email. 24/24 6/24
Total (%) 95.6 81.5
  1. Total fidelity and reach scores are percentage across all schools. Only sub-strategies with available data were included. Sub-totals for fidelity and reach percentages were calculated within each implementation strategy first, then sub-totals were averaged from all seven strategies to produce a final fidelity and reach percentage
  2. N/A Excluded as there was no available data