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Table 1 Food store classifications and the ratio and proportion values in three example neighbourhoods

From: The use and misuse of ratio and proportion exposure measures in food environment research

  Unhealthy food stores Healthy food stores Ratio (unhealthy: healthy) Proportion (healthy: all food stores)
Area 1 1 x chain fast food restaurant 2 x greengrocer (fruit and vegetable store) 0.5 0.66
Area 2 1 x small takeaway food store (e.g. independent pizzeria) 1 x mid-size supermarket (grocery store) 1 0.5
Area 3 1 x chain fast food restaurant
2 x convenience stores
2 x small takeaway food stores
1 x large supermarket
1 x fruit and vegetable market
1 x ethnic grocery store
1.67 0.375