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Table 4 Implementation strategy overview

From: We have the program, what now? Development of an implementation plan to bridge the research-practice gap prevalent in exercise oncology

ERIC category Contextual application Determinant Learning objective/Change objective
Implementation strategy
Use evaluative and iterative strategies
 Audit and provide feedback Identify key measures to describe Co-LEC success (for individual stakeholders and for organization). Create weekly reports to share with operations manager, who will use the information to modify the implementation as necessary and report key findings to individuals (e.g. general manager) and groups (e.g. oncologists) based on results. Knowledge Enhanced stakeholder awareness of program success and areas that need improvement to encourage program refinement.
Develop stakeholder interrelationships
 Identify and prepare champions Identify and prepare an oncologist who will take the lead in promoting the Co-LEC implementation amongst the medical staff, overcoming indifference or resistance and liaising with the management/implementation teams to communicate the needs of the oncologists to ensure they are being met. Group Norms Recognition that the Co-LEC service is a part of normal operating procedures within GenesisCare.
 Use an implementation advisor Appoint a person with implementation experience and programming expertise to guide the project. Knowledge Understanding of implementation best practices across stakeholders.
Train and educate stakeholders
 Conduct educational meetings Schedule sessions with oncologists during regularly scheduled meetings to provide training and updates regarding the Co-LEC. Organize sessions to teach each administrative group about the Co-LEC and their role in it. Knowledge Understanding of Co-LEC vision and overarching implementation plan.
 Develop educational materials Develop and format “how-to” information sheets to outline the steps of how the Co-LEC operates and the associated workflows. Knowledge Understanding of roles and responsibilities for the service.
Utilize financial strategies
 Access new funding/use other payment schemes Utilize the Medicare chronic disease management plan to support the service. Update billing system to capture these payments. Environmental facilitators Facilitate financial sustainability of the service.
Change infrastructure
 Change record systems Update EMR to include the Co-LEC, so appointments can be captured and all relevant participation information recorded. Environmental facilitators Facilitate the recognition that exercise is a standard component of treatment at GenesisCare.
Support clinicians
 Revise professional roles Employ the AEP within GenesisCare; appoint lead PSO to schedule for the Co-LEC; include the Co-LEC tasks in job descriptions for all relevant roles. Environmental facilitators Facilitate better intra-organization communication regarding Co-LEC.
  1. ERIC Expert recommendations for implementing change; Co-LEC Co-located exercise clinic; EMR Electronic medical record; PSO Patient services officer