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Table 5 Outcome measures for evaluation plan

From: We have the program, what now? Development of an implementation plan to bridge the research-practice gap prevalent in exercise oncology

Framework Category What will be measured? How will it be measured? Why is it being measured?
Reach Number of patients who received a call to book an appointment at the Co-LEC compared to number of patients eligible for the service Clinic records To demonstrate the integration of oncologist referral within the clinics
patient level
Effectiveness Patient enrollment in exercise program Clinic records To demonstrate the effectiveness of the implementation strategy in engaging patients in the Co-LEC
patient level Patient attendance for initial consult
Adoption Number of oncologists per site that participate in exercise referral compared to those able to refer Clinic records To determine the absolute number, proportion, and representativeness of utilization of referral the program at both a site and individual provider and staff member level.
organizational level Surveys
Number of exercise referrals completed per oncologist
PSO engagement in booking process
Implementation (Fidelity) Fidelity to proposed workflow Surveys To demonstrate adherence to the proposed workflow and highlight any deviations and/or intentional adaptations
Program costs Clinic records
To compare the patient experience to the protocol to understand what components of the intervention are actually being delivered by the oncologists.
organizational level Patient experience
Maintenance Degree to which the practice has become integrated into standard practices for the organization and individual oncologists Semi-structured interviews To understand to how much a part of the routine the referral practice has become and highlight areas that may threaten its ability to be sustained
organizational level
Financial sustainability for service
Policy/workflow audit
Clinic records
  1. Co-LEC Co-located exercise clinic; PSO Patient service officer