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Table 1 Scope and PI/ECO questions related to sedentary behaviour and health outcomes in adults

From: New global guidelines on sedentary behaviour and health for adults: broadening the behavioural targets

  1. a The search to update the evidence used the same search terms as PAGAC and they were likely broad enough to pick up any relevant systematic reviews on type or domain of sedentary behaviour. However, it is noted that PAGAC did not specifically address this question in their final scope and thus some evidence may have been missed
  2. b Sedentary behaviour exposure measures operationalised as either: total sitting time, screen-time, leisure-time sitting, occupational sitting time, accelerometer measured sedentary time [1, 9]
  3. c Evidence on bouts and breaks in sedentary behaviour was also examined. A ‘bout’ of sedentary behaviour can be operationalized as a period of uninterrupted sedentary time, whereas a ‘break’ in sedentary behaviour can be operationalized as a non-sedentary bout in between two sedentary bouts [1]
  4. d New searches were not conducted for the ‘important’ outcomes due to anticipated time/resource constraints, hence no results nor conclusions are reported for these outcomes