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Table 3 Summary of relationships and level of evidence for sedentary behaviour and each health outcome in adults

From: New global guidelines on sedentary behaviour and health for adults: broadening the behavioural targets

Health Outcomes Evidence for association Evidence for dose-response c Evidence for variation in association by physical activity Evidence for type or domain of sedentary behaviour
All-cause mortality Moderate Moderate Moderate Insufficient
CVD mortality Moderate Moderate Moderate Insufficient
Cancer mortality Moderate Moderate Moderate Insufficient
Incident type 2 diabetes Moderate Low Insufficient Insufficient
Incident CVD Moderate Moderate Insufficient Insufficient
Incident cancer a Low-moderate b Low Insufficient Insufficient
Adiposity Low/insufficient Low/insufficient Insufficient Insufficient
  1. See the WHO report [16] for details on the framework to rate the certainty of the evidence and the full evidence profiles
  2. a Includes endometrial, colon, and lung cancers. Evidence graded very low to low certainty for other cancer types
  3. b Level of evidence rating based on evidence from PAGAC reviews [9]
  4. c It was concluded that there was insufficient evidence to set quantified (time-based) recommendations