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Table 1 Level 1a: primary classification questions

From: A modified Delphi study to gain consensus for a taxonomy to report and classify physical activity referral schemes (PARS)

Physical Activity Referral Scheme (PARS) Reporting Checklist
Level 1 PARS classification
Level 1a: Primary classification
The purpose of this taxonomy is to provide a classification system for PARS, including clinically based exercise schemes, exercise referral schemes and social prescribing for physical activity (PA). It is for use in evidence reviews of delivery and effectiveness. It is also an audit and monitoring tool for funders and providers to capture service delivery. The taxonomy is intended for programmes that fulfil all of the following three criteria:
Tick all that apply
1. Have a primary aim of increasing PA  
2. Have a formalised referral processa  
3. Are for individuals who are inactive and/or sedentary, and/or have (or are at risk of having) a health condition  
If you have not ticked all of these boxes, then the PARS taxonomy is not suitable for your programme.
Additionally programmes may also include the following Tick any that apply
1. Individual behaviour change consultations  
2. PARS specialist staff supervised PA sessions or one-to-one supervision  
3. Signposting to a range of available activities  
  1. a An agreed and documented process for the transfer of referral information between health/social care referrers and PARS providers, which leads to individuals being able to access PARS