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Table 1 Example Delphi participant open responses from Delphi rounds 1 and 2

From: Development of Australian physical activity and screen time guidelines for outside school hours care: an international Delphi study

Delphi Round Category Delphi Participant Comment
1 PA – before school care “It’s important for kids to wake up their mind and body before they start the day at school. Any form of physical movement stimulates the body and mind, making the kids more receptive to learning. And it’s also fun.”
  Screen time – after school care “As little as possible. If screen time is used this should be active screen time (e.g. active video gaming or geocaching).”
  Sedentary Behaviour – after school care “Activities such as reading, board games construction/building activities should still be available for use. While they may still be of a sedentary nature, they provide more opportunity for both social interaction and learning compared to recreational screen time alone. However, still monitor the more sedentary activities and encourage children to mix it up with outdoor active play.”
2 Screen time – after school care If screens are offered children will watch. Limit the offering and limit the watching. Don’t want to demonise it, the better approach is to offer more appealing alternatives that have a more active component.”
  Screen time – vacation care “As stated we do not use screens as much as possible and have seen a big change in behaviour and attitudes from children”.