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Table 1 Review inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: A systematic review and meta-analysis of school-based interventions with health education to reduce body mass index in adolescents aged 10 to 19 years

  Criteria Justification
Inclusion Observational and experimental studies with a control or comparison group We aimed to provide a thorough systematic review of recent literature. Though the quality of evidence will be lower for observational studies a detailed and transparent quality assessment of included studies was conducted.
Participants within the specified age range of 10–19. The review focuses on adolescents only.
Studies that report BMI and related outcomes with a pre and post-intervention comparison, baseline to follow up etc. To identify interventions that bring about a change in outcomes
High-income countries Differences in education systems, modes of delivery of interventions, cultural and contextual differences, co-existence of under-and over-nutrition could all affect the relevance and generalisability of the findings. The definitions for income groups for countries by World bank (2020) were used to exclude low and middle-income countries.
Interventions from year 2006 High quality systematic reviews covered the evidence of school-based interventions up to 2006. We aimed to provide an updated account of interventions with focus on adolescents in school settings.
Exclusion Studies that do not report change in BMI outcomes Studies that aim to prevent obesity and overweight or reduce BMI were included. BMI outcomes (BMI, BMI z-score, change in prevalence of overweight and obesity) were selected as the outcomes for this review as an initial scoping search showed that BMI/ BMI Z score were most commonly reported in studies based in schools. BMI is also more feasible for assessment of students in schools.
Papers published in a language other than English Translation resources not available
Specific disease groups targeted (e.g. Diabetes and other endocrine disorders)
Interventions targeting only students with overweight and/or obesity at baseline
The review aims to explore interventions with implications for the general population and targeted interventions for different conditions may require different strategies.