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Table 2 Summary of user-preferred content, features and technology of digital platforms (Objective 2)

From: A systematic evaluation of digital nutrition promotion websites and apps for supporting parents to influence children’s nutrition

  Biediger-Friedman 2018 [41] Luesse 2018 [44] Reynolds 2018 [18] Hull 2017 [43] Wyse 2017 [19] Avis 2016 [40] Biediger-Friedman 2016 [42] Burrows 2015 [45] Rangelov 2015 [39]
Country and digital platform USA, A USA, W AUS, A USA, A AUS, W CAN, A USA, A AUS, WA SWI, W
Study design FG, Q FG Q Q Q FG FG Q FG, Q
Participants n = 48 low income mothers n = 16 low income parents n = 196 primary school Principals n = 63 mothers n = 123 primary school Principals n = 38 HP, parents, researcher n = 64 low income mothers n = 75 parents FG n = 64 Q n = 759 Parent, child
Specific and relevant for child and parents (i.e. themed, child-friendly food ideas), rather than general information (i.e. portions for different ages, recipes)      
Tailored/personalised content/feedback          
Trusted information, endorsed by University or Government organisation (voice of authority)        
Information on multiple health behaviours (i.e. diet, physical activity, sedentary, BMI)         
Positive/affirming content, rather than negative content (i.e. disliked terminology about child obesity and weight management focus)          
Practical information leading to behaviour change (i.e. address barriers, motivates change, ways to improve behaviour and maintain changes)         
Suitable for low-literacy (i.e. pictures, visual content)          
Images / content reflecting cultural diversity          
Content that can initiate conversation with paediatrician          
Budget friendly information using everyday foods          
Features to involve the whole family (i.e. games area/ child activities, cooking with children, sections for parents)      
Ability to post questions to health professionals (i.e. via a live chat interface, contact box, video chat) or regular contact with health professionals      
Features facilitating community; Ability to connect/interact with other users including via a discussion forum, social media, Facebook chat (incl. Sharing information through social media, milestones, ideas, achievements, challenges)      
Engaging and interactive components (i.e. videos, games, quizzes, activities)      
Practical tools and information (i.e. Shopping tools, barcode scanner, calculators snack gallery/ideas for healthy snacks, tips to buy/eat more FV, cooking demonstration videos, cooking techniques)       
Recipes (i.e. quick, cheap, child-friendly, healthy)         
Logging & tracking features for diet, exercise (Incl. tracking progress & awards for completion)         
Achievable and monitored goal setting, and with feedback          
Resources related to local area (i.e. local farmers markets)          
Mixed opinions about receiving communication / reminders / push notifications / messages, including via email or SMS. Disliked by some; preferred infrequent (i.e. < 1/week)        
Customisable home page and personal user accounts         
Motivational prompts (challenges, pings, reminders, celebratory signals)         
Enter goals via website or smartphone – i.e. flexible access via website or phone app          
Library feature with search function          
Website, email preferred        
Mixed preference for info delivery outside of website (via text) and wanted print materials for children         
Smartphone use, frequent app usage (few times per day or week); App is suitable         
Access via website and app          
Cross-modal – website, emails, text message, social media          
Evening preferred time to receive content          
Informal program with no scheduled sessions          
Self-explanatory, easy to use and helpful tools         
Cost influential factor / low cost          
Clear instructions, descriptions and terms          
Barriers: (lack of) internet access and set-up time (school canteen app), difficult to use          
  1. Abbreviations: A app; AUS Australia; BMI Body Mass Index; CAN Canada; FG Focus Group; FV fruit and vegetables; HP healthcare professionals; Q Questionnaire; SWI Switzerland; USA United States of America; W website; WA Website & app