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Table 3 ANCOVA models, dependant variable: total energy ordered

From: Socioeconomic position and the impact of increasing availability of lower energy meals vs. menu energy labelling on food choice: two randomized controlled trials in a virtual fast-food restaurant

ModelFppartial η2
Study 1 (n = 868)
 availability28.55< 0.0010.0321
 level of education0.690.4060.0008
 availability*level of education2.340.1270.0027
 labelling*level of education0.520.4710.0006
Study 2 (n = 875)
 availability16.29<  0.0010.0184
 level of education2.920.0880.0033
 availability*level of education0.020.875< 0.0001
 labelling*level of education0.170.6800.0002
Pooled data (n = 1743)
 availability43.35<  0.0010.0244
 level of education0.310.5750.0002
 availability*level of education1.270.2600.0007
 labelling*level of education0.050.816<  0.0001