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Table 1 List of 20 food product types with varying levels of healthfulness (based on Food Standards of Australia and New Zealand nutrient profiling model criteria), that participants were asked to enter or scan into the smartphone app

From: A randomized controlled trial examining consumers’ perceptions and opinions on using different versions of a FoodFlip© smartphone application for delivery of nutrition information

a. Jelly Sponge Cakes
b. Lemon Iced Tea
c. White Bread
d. Ranch Dressing
e. Frosted Flakes
f. All Dressed Potato Chips
g. Crunchy Granola Bars
h. Hash Browns
i. Mixed Vegetables
j. Hot Dog Buns
k. Hummus Chickpea Spread
l. Peaches & Cream Corn
m. Greek Yogurt
n. Red Kidney Beans
o. Popcorn
p. Chocolate Chip Cookies
q. Thin Crust Pizza
r. Chocolate Ice Cream
s. French Vanilla Stirred Yogurt
t. Stix Cheese Flavour