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Table 2 Foci of interventions across multiple levels of the WDoH

From: A secondary analysis of the childhood obesity prevention Cochrane Review through a wider determinants of health lens: implications for research funders, researchers, policymakers and practitioners

Number of WDoH levels interventions coded ata Level of the WDoH model Number of studies (%)
One 61 (39.8%)
11 (7.2%)
1 (0.6%)
Two 70 (45.8%)
1 (0.6%)
1 (0.6%)
Three 6 (3.9%)
1 (0.6%)
Four 1 (0.6%)
  1. aInterventions were able to be coded at more than one level of the WDoH model. Table 2 demonstrates the foci of the interventions included within the 153 studies. For example, 61 studies solely focused on changing ILF, whereas 70 studies targeted ILF and LWC combined. These data are based upon the coding completed by two members of the research team (JN and THMM)