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Table 8 Glossary of Weather Indices

From: Seasons, weather, and device-measured movement behaviors: a scoping review from 2006 to 2020

Index Definition
Temperature Degree or intensity of heat in the environment
Precipitation Product of condensation from atmospheric water vapor (typically rain and sleet in this review)
Wind Speed Atmospheric quantity resulting from air traveling from high to low pressure
Photoperiod Day length, or the period of daily illumination
Snow Small, frozen white ice crystals generated from atmospheric water vapor at temperatures below the freezing point
Cloud Coverage The fraction of the sky obscured by clouds in a particular location
Humidity Concentration of atmospheric water vapor present in the environment
Visibility Distance that can be seen due to light and weather conditions
Barometric Pressure Pressure within the atmosphere
Windchill Quantity of air temperature that is effectively lowered due to wind
Air Quality A measure of how clean or polluted the air is
  1. Note. Definitions obtained from the National Weather Service and the Oxford English Dictionary [150, 151]