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Table 2 Compositional Cox regression model estimates

From: A compositional analysis of time spent in sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity with all-cause mortality risk

Model p-value Sleep SED LIPA MVPA
HR (95% CI) p-value HR (95% CI) p-value HR (95% CI) p-value HR (95% CI) p-value
<.0001 1.02 (.64, 1.63) 0.9 1.75 (1.10, 2.79) 0.02 0.75 (.54, 1.04) 0.08 0.74 (.67, .83) <.0001
  1. Note: Adjusted for age, sex, education, family poverty-to-income ratio, BMI, smoking status, alcohol consumption, and diet quality. Hazard ratios can be interpreted as proportional change in mortality risk associated with an increase in time spent in that behaviour relative to time spent in the remaining movement behaviours