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Table 4 Estimated HRs for displacing 15 min between one and the remaining movement behaviours proportionally

From: A compositional analysis of time spent in sleep, sedentary behaviour and physical activity with all-cause mortality risk

Movement behaviour Remove 15 min of column behaviour and add to remaining behaviours Add 15 min to column behaviour from remaining behaviours
Sleep 1.00 (0.99, 1.01) 1.00 (0.99, 1.01)
SED 0.98 (0.96, 1.00) 1.02 (1.00, 1.04)
LIPA 1.01 (1.00, 1.03) 0.99 (0.98, 1.00)
MVPA 1.78 (1.46, 2.17) 0.85 (0.80, 0.90)
  1. Note: Data presented as HR (95% confidence interval). All estimates have been adjusted for age, gender, education, family poverty-to-income ratio, BMI, smoking status, alcohol consumption and diet quality. HRs reflect the estimated change in mortality risk associated with reallocating time from one movement behaviour to the remaining movement behaviours proportionally (or vice versa) using the mean movement behaviour composition as the reference