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Table 1 Assessment measures

From: A novel approach to increasing community capacity for weight management a volunteer-delivered programme (ActWELL) initiated within breast screening clinics: a randomised controlled trial

OUTCOME MEASURES Base line 12 week 12 month
Primary Outcomes
 Body weight
  Measured using digital body weight scales (kg) X   X
 Physical Activity    
  7 days accelerometry with activPALTM (steps) (subsample only) X   X
Secondary outcomes
 Modes of physical activity Sedentary behaviour
  Scottish Physical Activity Questionnaire SPAQ [19] X X X
  7 days accelerometry with activPAL™ (subsample only) X   X
 Anthropometric changes
  BMI (height and weight) Waist circumference (cm) X   X
 Eating habits    
  Questionnaire based on Scottish Health Survey [20] X   X
  Fruit and vegetable intake [21]   X  
 Alcohol intake
  Audit C questionnaire [22] X   X
 Psycho-social variables
  Modified brief illness questionnaire [23] X   X
  Knowledge and beliefs about lifestyle and breast cancer risk (developed in house) X   X
  Psychosocial health measures resources (perceived motivation, awareness, ability, action, monitoring, and social support around weight management) (developed in house)    X
  Perceived body weight X X X
 Economic outcomes
  EQ 5D-5L questionnaire [24] X X X
  Economic health resource usage (Developed by HERU, University of Aberdeen) X   X