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Table 1 Average number of national and global brand owners with ≥1% market share (MS) included per food industry across countries within the European Single Market. Euromonitor data 2017/18

From: A detailed mapping of the food industry in the European single market: similarities and differences in market structure across countries and sectors

Food industry Average number of global brand owners with ≥ 1% MS per country (min – max) Average number of national brand owners with ≥ 1% MS per country (min – max)
Packaged food 14 (7–20) 18 (9–25)
Non-alcoholic beverages 13 (9–20) 15 (10–20)
Quick Service restaurants a 20 (11–27) 18 (14–25)
Supermarkets b 9 (5–18) 10 (5–19)
  1. a‘Chained Consumer Foodservice’: “Chained units are defined by 10 or more units. An exception is made for international chains that have a presence of fewer than 10 units in a country. In this case, they are still considered to be chained units.” As defined by Euromonitor
  2. b‘Grocery Retailers’: “Retailers selling predominantly food/beverages/tobacco and other everyday groceries. This is the aggregation of hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, convenience stores, independent small grocers, chained forecourt retailers, independent forecourt retailers, food/drink/tobacco specialists and other grocery retailers.” As defined by Euromonitor