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Fig. 1

From: Revisiting the association of sedentary behavior and physical activity with all-cause mortality using a compositional approach: the Women's Health Study

Fig. 1

Dose-response associations of physical activity of different intensities and sedentary behavior with mortality (HRs are compared to the referent composition, the lowest quartile of total activity). Average awake wear time is 14.9 (SD = 1.3) hours per day

Each line represents time in a behavior while proportionallya reducing the others. Shaded areas represent the 95% confidence intervals. HR: hazard ratio. a Proportional to the referent composition, i.e., women in the lowest quartile of total activity: 3 min in moderate-to-vigorous, 27 min higher-light, 162 min lower-light intensity activity, and 701 min in sedentary behavior per day.

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