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Table 6 Process evaluation summary

From: Evaluating the reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation and maintenance of the Resistance Training for Teens program

Intervention fidelity
 Use of resources, mean (%) 59
  Includes movement-based game (1), mean (%) 55
  Includes dynamic stretching (2), mean (%) 41
 GymFit (3), mean (%) 77
 HIRT workout (4), mean (%) 64
 BoxFit (5), mean (%)a 36
 CoreFit (6), mean (%)a 55
 GameFit (7), mean (%)a 41
 Cool down  
  Includes static stretching (8), mean (%) 50
  Behavioral messages discussed (9), mean (%) 23
  Skill components reinforced (10), mean (%) 77
 Overall session score, mean (/10)b 5
 Lessons including > 50% of session components, mean (%) 59
Adherence to SAAFE teaching principles
 Supportive, mean (%)c 78
  Teacher provides individual skill specific feedback, mean (SDd 3.8 (0.7)
  Teacher provides feedback on student effort and involvement, mean (SD)d 4.0 (0.5)
  Teacher promotes positive interactions between students, mean (SDd 4.0 (0.4)
 Active, mean (%)c 78
  Activities involve small-sided games and circuits, mean (SD)d 3.8 (0.9)
  Teacher monitors students’ activity levels (visually or using pedometers), mean (SD)d 4.0 (0.4)
  Equipment is plentiful, mean (SD)d 3.9 (0.8)
  Efficient transitions between activities, mean (SDd 4.0 (0.8)
 Autonomous, mean (%)c 64
  Teacher reinforces the relevance of the activities, mean (SD)d 3.0 (0.8)
  Students are given choices about the tasks and activities, mean (SD)d 3.3 (1.2)
  Students are involved in the set-up and running of activities, mean (SD)d 3.6 (1.0)
 Fair, mean (%)c 72
  Teacher ensures that students are evenly matched in activities, mean (SD)d 3.4 (0.9)
  Teacher acknowledges and rewards good sportsmanship, mean (SD)d 3.8 (0.5)
  If necessary, teacher modifies activities to maximize opportunities for success, mean (SD)d 3.6 (0.8)
 Enjoyable, mean (%)c 74
  Session starts with an enjoyable activity, mean (SD)d 3.6 (1.2)
  Session finishes with an enjoyable activity, mean (SD)d 3.7 (1.0)
  Session involves a wide variety of activities, mean (SD)d 3.8 (1.0)
  1. Note:a Reasoning for the lower use of these session components compared to others may be explained by students/teachers being given the option to choose one of the three for Activity 4 within the proposed session structure (see Supplementary Table 1 and Supplementary Fig. 1a)
  2. b Calculated as the sum of all numbered (#) items within the intervention fidelity section
  3. c Calculated using the sum of all scores for that SAAFE element, divided by the highest possible score (i.e., 15 for supportive, autonomous, fair, and enjoyable; 20 for active)
  4. d on a 5-point scale ranging from not at all true (1) to very true (5)