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Table 2 Park features and feature levels

From: Understanding children’s preference for park features that encourage physical activity: an adaptive choice based conjoint analysis

Feature Feature level
1. Playground i. Large adventure playground
ii. Small playground
iii. No playground
2. Obstacle course/parkour i. Obstacle/parkour course
ii. No obstacle/parkour course
3. Slides i. Giant slides
ii. Medium slides
iii. No slide
4. Flying fox i. Long flying fox
ii. Short flying fox
iii. No flying fox
5. Climbing equipment i. Large climbing equipment
ii. Small to medium climbing equipment
iii. No climbing equipment
6. Waterplay i. Waterplay area
ii. No waterplay area
7. Trees for climbing i. Lots of trees for climbing
ii. Some trees for climbing
iii. No trees for climbing
8. Swings i. Large round swings
ii. Group swings in a circle
iii. Traditional swings
iv. No swing
9. Outdoor fitness equipment i. Outdoor fitness equipment
ii. No outdoor fitness equipment
10. Grassy open space i. Large grassy open space
ii. Medium grassy open space
iii. Little to no grassy open space
11. Interactive areas i. Interactive areas
ii. No interactive areas
12. Sports goals i. Sports goals
ii. No sports goals
13. Sports wall i. Sports wall
ii. No sports wall