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Table 4 Association of baseline mental health with attendance at WW sessions in first 3-months: Results are presented from negative binomial regression models, controlled for randomised group and with robust standard errors to allow for clustering by general practice

From: The impact of participant mental health on attendance and engagement in a trial of behavioural weight management programmes: secondary analysis of the WRAP randomised controlled trial

Attendance at WW sessions in first 3-months
Mental health at baseline: Incidence rate ratio (95% CI) Number of participants
Model 1: Global quality of life 1.06 (0.96, 1.17) 608
Model 2: Satisfaction with life 1.00 (0.999, 1.01) 620
Model 3: Anxiety 1.00 (0.99, 1.01) 625
Model 4: Depression 0.99 (0.98, 0.999) 625
  1. Abbreviations: WW Formerly Weight Watchers, CI Confidence interval