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Table 2 Maternal reward-related eating component loadings

From: Prospective relations of maternal reward-related eating, pregnancy ultra-processed food intake and weight indicators, and feeding mode with infant appetitive traits

  Component 1 “Food Preoccupation and Responsiveness” Loadings Component 2 “Reinforcing Value of Food” Loadings
mYFASa .55 -.11
PFS .83 -.04
MCP breakpointa .30 .34
RVFQ breakpointa -.03 .96
RVFQ intensitya .72 .12
RVFQ Omaxa .06 .94
RVFQ Pmaxa -.12 .97
RVFQ elasticityab .01 .61
  1. Variable was alog-transformed and breverse scored. mYFAS Modified Yale Food Addiction Scale, PFS Power of Food Scale, MCP Multiple Choice Procedure, RVFQ Reinforcing Value of Food Questionnaire