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Table 2 Description of the number of participants who entered the survey, consented, entered the survey and completed the USDA HFSSM 6 item tool [22]

From: The new normal for food insecurity? A repeated cross-sectional survey over 1 year during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia

   Survey 1: Lockdown (n) Survey 2: Restrictions Eased (n) Survey 3: 1-year post-lockdown (n)
Participants (mailing list only) Sent email 1409 2232 2981
Clicked survey link 683 653 734
Participants (the total number of participants directed to the survey via all recruitment methods) Completed screening questions 1432 1301 1351
Completed the survey (qualified and answered ≥1 question) 1432 1167 1176
Completed the U.S. Household Food Security Survey Module: Six-Item Short Form [21] 1067 1133 1117