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Welcome to the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (IJBNPA)!

The IJBNPA is an open access, international and peer-reviewed journal devoted to furthering the understanding of the behavioral aspects of diet and physical activity. Behavioral processes are believed to be at the heart of successful efforts to improve people's health through diet and physical activity.

The IJBNPA is the journal of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity (ISBNPA). The ISBNPA is an international, interdisciplinary society of researchers who focus on issues related to behavioral nutrition and physical activity. ISBNPA aims to stimulate and promote innovative research in the area of behavioral nutrition and physical activity, advocate for the interests of behavioral nutrition and physical activity in research and policy, and promote the improvement of human health on a global scale through attention to nutrition and physical activity population behaviors.

Open Access

The IJBNPA is an open access journal, meaning it is freely and universally accessible online, it is archived in at least one internationally recognised free access repository, such as PubMed Central, and its authors retain copyright, allowing anyone to reproduce or disseminate articles, according to the BioMed Central copyright and licence agreement The cost of its publication is paid for by the ISBNPA.

What is Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity

The importance of physical activity and eating behaviors in promoting health is more prominently recognized than ever before. Physical activity and eating behaviors also play an important role in preventing chronic diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and some cancers. Yet population eating and physical activity behaviors do not follow recommended patterns, and imbalances remain across many population segments. Current behavioral models to do not capture the complex determinants of food and physical activity behaviors. Even less is known about the most effective ways to intervene to promote healthful eating and physical activity.

How is IJBNPA responding to these challenges?

The IJBNPA seeks to encourage and disseminate novel and innovative research on physical activity and eating behaviors. The IJBNPA is unique in its international focus on the behavioral aspects of nutrition and physical activity, its inclusion of multiple levels of analysis, including populations, groups and individuals, and its inclusion of epidemiology, and behavioral, theoretical and measurement research areas.

The IJBNPA strongly seeks an international perspective. In particular, papers from a variety of cultural settings are of interest to redress the current narrow focus of models and interventions that have been developed and evaluated in homogeneous settings in the western industrialized world.

New ideas, new models and new methods are sought while retaining methodological rigor and high standards of scholarship. In particular, it is recognized that trans-disciplinary research among epidemiology, psychology, environmental and ecological sciences, political science, economics, and sociology has much to offer the field for theoretical and methodological innovations.

How can behavioral researchers respond to these challenges?

We invite you to participate in our new online, open access journal by submitting research, methodology, review, commentary and debate papers. Methodologically rigorous contributions from a number of areas of behavioral nutrition and physical activity are sought:

  1. 1)

    behavioral interventions (community-based and clinical);

  2. 2)

    population behaviors (measurement, prevalence and etiology);

  3. 3)

    predictors of behavior;

  4. 4)

    innovative behavioral theories;

  5. 5)

    measurement issues;

  6. 6)

    policy and public health issues.

All articles will be published online immediately upon acceptance (after peer review) and soon after listed in PubMed. See for our instructions for authors. Submission is online at

Edited by Simone A French and Tony Worsley, IJBNPA is supported by an international Editorial Board

Peer Review

The peer review process for IJBNPA is designed to ensure that the research published in the journal is methodologically and conceptually outstanding in quality and makes a significant contribution to the field.

Submitted articles generally will be reviewed by two external experts, in addition to the Co-Editors. Peer reviewers will choose among four options for each article:

  • Accept in current form

  • Accept with minor revisions and no second peer review

  • Accept pending major revisions and requiring peer re-review

  • Reject

The first set of IJBNPA articles presents an exciting array of novel and innovative research.

Enjoy the first series of papers in the IJBNPA!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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