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Table 1 Items of the Perceived Workplace Environment Scale (PWES)

From: The influence of self-efficacy and outcome expectations on the relationship between perceived environment and physical activity in the workplace

Item in the PWES Question
Individual level item How much information is provided in your workplace educating and/or encouraging employees about physical activity?
Social level item Is there a positive social climate that encourages physical activity in your workplace?
Community level item Has your organization used any services or resources in the community to support the physical activity of employees? (examples: local recreation centre, community events)
Organizational level item How much organizational capacity (i.e. infrastructure, will, and leadership) is there in your workplace that promotes physical activity for employees?
Policy level item Does your workplace have policies that promote the physical activity of employees? (examples: no meetings scheduled over lunch, subsidized memberships at a fitness centre)
Physical Environment level item Are there convenient and appropriate facilities that you can access in order to do physical activity during the workday?
  1. Note: Employees indicated their answers by circling the phrase and number they most agreed with on a 5-point response option scale (1 = none; 5 = a great amount). These six items were used as a composite scale by adding the scores for each item and dividing by six.