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Archived Comments for: Using intervention mapping to develop a culturally appropriate intervention to prevent childhood obesity: the HAPPY (Healthy and Active Parenting Programme for Early Years) study

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  1. Reference correction

    Natalie Taylor, University of New South Wales

    13 February 2014

    Line 2 of paragraph 3 in the methods section contains a referencing error:

    “For each stage of the IM process, five recommendations from a recent review (24) were applied to ensure that White and South Asian perspectives were considered throughout: 1) use community resources to develop and publicise the intervention, 2) identify and address barriers to access and participation, 3) develop communication strategies which are sensitive to language and information requirements, 4) consideration of cultural/religious values that promote or hinder behavioural change, 5) recognise degrees of ethnic identification.”

    The reference '(24)' in brackets does not match with the correct reference in the reference list. The correct reference is [31].

    Competing interests

    None declared