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Archived Comments for: Using wearable cameras to categorise type and context of accelerometer-identified episodes of physical activity

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  1. Correcting wrongly entered ethical approval date

    Aiden Doherty, University of Oxford

    13 February 2014

    Ethical approval for this study was granted by the ethics board in each of the three respective participating universities (AUTEC 11/114, May 25th 2011), (Ref No.: 111160/ UCSD June 23rd 2011), (SSD/CUREC1A/10-054 Oxford, July 16th 2010)

    *** Note that an error was made in entering the date for the UCSD ethical approval - it should in fact be "June 23rd 2011" (and not "August 4th 2011"). ***

    Competing interests

    No competing interests to declare