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Table 6 Parent (N = 26) reported problems associated with wearing accelerometers, their own strategies for overcoming these problems, and their suggestions to improve compliance in future interventions

From: Feasibility trial evaluation of a physical activity and screen-viewing course for parents of 6 to 8 year-old children: Teamplay

Parent reported problem

Successful strategies used by parents

Parents’ suggestions for future intervention

Difficulty in remembering to wear the accelerometers

• Keeping the accelerometers in a visible place when they are taken off at night

• Allowing parents to opt in/out of a text reminder service was seen as a positive way to remind parents to wear the accelerometers


• Making wearing the accelerometers a habit


Lack of understanding about the accelerometers


• Spend more time explaining why parents are asked to wear the accelerometers


• Having the information translated into parents’ native language

The accelerometers being uncomfortable or not practical to wear (for parents and children)

• Choosing to wear clothes with belt loops


Children feeling targeted at school due to being only child wearing the accelerometer

• Support from teachers and school staff

• Providing information on the project/physical activity for the whole class


• Wearing the accelerometer underneath the school uniform

• Asking the whole class to be involved in the project

Children refusing to wear the accelerometers

• Parents encouraging their child to wear the monitor


• Some children were naturally interested and proud to wear the accelerometer


Increasing motivation to wear the accelerometer for parents and children: Provision of data feedback

• Many parents and children were interested in seeing the results from the accelerometers

• Promoting to parents at the initial data collection that they will get feedback on their data


• Knowing if their child was getting enough PA compared to the recommendations, knowing if they’d increased PA over the 3 time points, and having a comparison of other people or the average were all of interest