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Table 4 Salient Advantages of Participating in Physical Activity

From: Psychosocial factors underlying physical activity

Salient Advantage Percent Mentioning (%)
Will help strengthen my body 58.7
   Strengthen body  
   Have good body  
   Strengthen muscles  
   Be tall  
Will improve my health 27.7
   Good health  
   Do good to heart  
   Improve blood circulation  
   Strengthen digestive system  
   Relax brain  
   Strengthen bone and muscles  
   Refresh eye  
   Will get me exercise 26.5
   Do more exercise  
Will relax me 17.4
   Have a good body and mind  
   Have a good mind  
   Adjust the mood  
Will strengthen my immunity 15.4
   Strengthen the immunity  
Will improve my grades in physical education 12.2
   Have a good grades of physical education  
   Have better grades in physical education  
   Run fast  
Will help me lose weight 9.8
   Lose weight  
   Burn fat  
Will keep me free from diseases 9.6
   Free from diseases  
   Free from flu  
Will strengthen my vital capacity 5.8
   Strengthen vital capacity  
   Increase vital capacity  
Will give me energy to study 5.8
   Have energy  
   Have strength to study  
   Be active or awake in class  
   Reduce the academic burden  
Will be fun 5.2
   Take full advantage of time  
   Have a fruitful life  
   Have a lot of fun  
   Have more extra activities  
Will keep me in a good shape 3.2
   Keep in a shape  
   Stay in a shape