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Table 5 Salient Disadvantages of Participating in Physical Activity

From: Psychosocial factors underlying physical activity

Salient Disadvantage Percent Mentioning (%)
Will take too much time 40.6
   Waste time  
   No time  
   Don't have time to watch TV  
   Don't have time to play games  
   Don't have time to take rest  
Will make me tired 36.8
   Feel tired after physical activity,  
   Can't recover to normal status  
Will take time away from studying 24.5
   Influence study  
   Not helpful to study  
   Reduce the time to study  
   Can't concentrate on study after physical activity  
   Don't have good grades  
Will lead to me getting hurt or injured 12.2
   Will be injured  
   Will feel painful after physical activity  
   Will feel sore in the leg  
Will mean having to wash up 3.2
   Take a shower  
   Need to wash hair  
   Need to wash feet  
   Need to clean clothes