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Table 7 Salient Circumstances Facilitating Participation in Physical Activity

From: Psychosocial factors underlying physical activity

Salient Circumstances that Facilitate Percent Mentioning (%)
Having fewer assignments 27.7
   Finish the assignment very quick  
   Finish the assignment in school  
   Don't take extra courses after school  
   Have a good academic scores  
Having more time 14.2
   Give more time to play computer  
   Nothing to do  
   Don't see watch  
   More time for extra activities  
   It is very early when class is over  
Having easy and fun activities to do 12.3
   Activity is not too vigorous  
   If I go somewhere not far from my home, had better walk or take bicycle  
   Activities I am interested in Fun activity  
   When I do physical activity, I can listen to music  
   Go swimming  
   Play basketball or football Contest  
Being on vacation 11.6
   Summer vacation  
   Winter vacation  
Having good weather 10.3
   Nice weather  
   Fresh air  
Having more PE classes 9.7
   The proportion of PE increases  
   PE test  
   In-school physical activity  
Having approval from my parents and teachers 9.0
   Parents approve  
   Support from other people  
   Encouragement from parents  
   School agree  
   Senior leaders issue relevant documents  
Having someone go with me 7.7
   Go with friends  
   Go with classmates  
   Parents take me to do exercise  
   Go with parents  
Being in a good mood 7.7
   Very happy  
   Feel very boring  
   Bad mood  
Getting rewarded to 5.8
   Gain points for exam  
   Can play computer for 120 minutes  
   Give me 10 RMB, I will do physical activity  
Having nothing else to do 2.6
   Nothing to do  
   Parents don't permit me to play computer  
   No good TV program  
Having place or court 2.6
   Good court  
   Facility is good  
   There court in the neighborhood