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Table 1 Relationships between the physical home environment and children's outdoor playtime for the previous day (n = 276) (ANOVA used for categorical variables and Pearson correlation for continuous variables).

From: Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional study

Descriptive Construct Physical Home Environment Item Children's Physical Activity Mean outdoor playtime score (range = 0–18) p value
   ≥ Once a week Fortnightly to monthly Couple of times a year Nil in last 12 months  
Role modelling Mother's frequency of walking >30 mins per day 8.8a 7.3ab 8.2ab 6.0b 0.008
  Mother's frequency of organised sport 9.0a 8.9ab 8.5ab 7.5b 0.04
  Father's frequency of walking >30 mins per day 8.7ab 7.8ab 9.5a 7.2b 0.03
   Very much Quite a bit Not very much Not at all  
Physical attributes of the home Presence of labour saving devices 8.3ab 8.1ab 9.1a 7.1b 0.04
  Size of backyard 291 ± 358.3 (0–3000) m2 [r = 0.20c] 0.001
  Number of items of outdoor play equipment 11 ± 3.15 (2–19) items of equipment [r = 0.17c] 0.003
  1. a,bSuperscripts indicate which categories show a statistically significant difference using Bonferroni correction: same letter indicates no difference, different letter indicates a difference.
  2. cPearson correlation coefficient