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Table 2 Relationships between physical home environment and children's amount of small screen entertainment for the previous day using ANOVA (n = 280).

From: Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional study

Descriptive Construct Physical Home Environment Item Children's Sedentary Activity Mean small screen entertainment score (range = 0–11) p value
   Frequently Sometimes Occasionally Rarely/Never  
Physical activity (transport/play/sport outside home) Frequency child attends swimming lessons 2.7a 2.6ab 3.6ab 3.6b 0.002
Rules about small screen entertainment Frequency that TV is left on in home 3.8a 3.3ab 2.9b 2.5b <0.001
  Parents set rules about TV viewing 2.5a 3.6b 3.6b 4.1b <0.001
  Parents limit exposure to TV advertising 2.6a 2.7a 3.7b 3.7b <0.001
    Yes No   
Presence of small screen entertainment in home Play station in home   3.5 2.9   0.02
  Internet connection in home   3.0 3.7   0.01
  Computer in home   3.1 3.9   0.07
  1. a,b Superscripts indicate which categories show a statistically significant difference using Bonferroni correction: same letter indicates no difference, different letter indicates a difference.