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Table 5 Relationships between the nutritional home environment and children's intake of sweetened beverages using ANOVA (n = 280).

From: Relationships between the home environment and physical activity and dietary patterns of preschool children: a cross-sectional study

Descriptive Construct Nutritional Home Environment Item Children's Dietary Patterns Mean square-root of Sweetened Beverages score (range = 0–6.9) p value
   Frequently Sometimes Occasionally Rarely/Never  
Parental behaviours associated with food One or both parents eat main meal with children 2.8ab 2.5a 3.2ab 3.4b 0.05
  Evening meal in front of TV 3.6a 2.8ab 2.8b 3.3ab 0.02
  Reward good behaviour with food 4.2a 2.9b 3.4ab 3.2ab 0.02
  Restrict fruit juice 2.6a 3.0ac 3.9b 3.7bc <0.001
  Restrict carbonated drink/cordial 3.1a 3.6a 3.6a 2.9a 0.05
   0–1.9 l 2–2.9 l 3–3.9 l ≥4 l  
Availability of food in home Amount of fruit juice in home 2.9a 3.6b 4.2b 3.5ab <0.001
   0–1.9 l 2–4.9 l 5–9.9 l ≥10 l  
  Amount of cordial and carbonated drink in home 2.8a 3.7b 3.2ab 3.4ab 0.004
  1. a,b,c Superscripts indicate which categories show a statistically significant difference using Bonferroni correction: same letter indicates no difference, different letter indicates a difference.