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Table 2 Focus group schedule of questions

From: What do parents and preschool staff tell us about young children's physical activity: a qualitative study

Topic area Questions
Participants' understanding of nature of physical activity • When I say 'physical activity', what does it mean to you?
  • What words would you use to describe the difference in physical activity intensity in activities that young children do? What words would you use to describe the difference between a child who moves slowly and a child who always active and on the go?
  • What is the value of physical activity for young kids? Older children? Adults?
  • Tell me your thoughts about physical activity and your child's health.
Pattern of physical activity • Where does physical activity fit in your child's day?/How does physical activity fit into the child's day at this centre?
  • Do you see differences in level of physical activity between boys and girls who attend this Centre?
Influences upon physical activity behaviour • What makes your child/children active?
  • How do you encourage your child to be active?/When you spend time with your child what do you like to do together?
  • How do you as staff agree as to what to promote for children attending this Centre?
  • Do you or your partner do different things with your child?
  • How does being at preschool influence your child's physical activity?
  • Do your children spend time with extended family such as aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents? How does this contact influence how active your child is?
  • Does anything make it difficult for them to be active?
Pattern of small screen recreation • Can you tell me about your child and their usual TV routine, use of computers or things like that?
  • What influences this?
Knowledge of recommendations/guidelines about physical activity and SSR • Do you know of any guidelines about what is recommended for children in regards to physical activity, TV viewing and use of computers?
  1. Note: The sequence of questions varied during each focus group.