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Table 2 Description of the 8 planets (units of work) within the intervention

From: Effect of a school-based intervention to promote healthy lifestyles in 7–11 year old children

Planet Content
Activity Planet Children were encouraged to think about current activity levels and evaluate them
Sport 2012 Introduced the Olympic games, the Olympic movement and the sports that make up the games
My Running Introduced running for sustained periods and as an end in itself, plus famous runners, running footwear, distance, and pacing
My Safety As being active may take children out of direct adult supervision this unit encouraged the children to think about their actions, taking care to avoid potential dangers and agreeing rules with parents/carers and road safety
Busy Bodies Children were encouraged to think about their bodies and how they work especially in relation to aerobic exercise, it also introduced the kinds of foods we need to keep bodies healthy and provide energy to stay fit
Space Cafe Messages on healthy eating, encouraged thinking about foods – their constituents and origins, healthy choices, fluids
Quiz Planet Range of puzzles, games and activities to encourage the children to think about what they had learnt
Perfect Planet Children were encouraged to think about the perfect world and what it would be like. Activities encouraged them to think of wants, needs and obligations they would have to themselves and to others to ensure they work towards this world. Planning for the future.
10 Star Rules 1. Eat breakfast every day
  2. Drink lots of fluids – don't wait until you are thirsty – especially when you are active
  3. Chase a rainbow – aim to eat a selection of different fruits and vegetables that are a variety of colours
  4. Only eat when you are hungry and stop when your stomach feels full
  5. You can eat a healthy diet that is varied and has lots of different kinds of foods in it
  6. Aim to include fish and dairy products like milk and cheese in your everyday diet to make your bones and teeth strong
  7. Be active for at least 60 minutes a day – but it doesn't have to be all in one go.
  8. Being active is good for your body and mind
  9. Take part in a variety of activities such as sport, walking, and riding your bike each week
  10. Include some running or jumping or active play each week to keep your heart and bones healthy