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Table 3 Agreement between questionnaire and interview responses (criterion validity)

From: Validation of a maternal questionnaire on correlates of physical activity in preschool children

Name of factor1 Kappa Percentage agreement Items with low kappa2 & low % agreement
Child personal factors
Personality -0.10-0.41
65.2-83.3 None
Enjoyment of PA -0.06 (poor) 87.0 None
Preference for PA 0.00-0.82
(slight-almost perfect)
56.5-94.4 Does child prefer to play with toys or watch TV
Parental support
Parental support 0.04-0.28
75.0-80.4 None
Maternal self-efficacy for social support -0.07-0.56
50.0-87.0 Difficult to: take my child out to play when it's cold and wet; play an active game with my child on a busy day
Parental rules & restrictions
Parental rules 0.00-0.47
52.2-91.3 Not allowed to run or cycle in the house
Parental restrictions 0.05-0.59
56.8-81.3 Restrictions on playing computer games/using the computer3
Maternal attitudes & perceptions
Importance of child PA -0.08 (poor) 88.6 None
Concern about TV watching 0.24 (fair) 78.3 None
PA compared to siblings 0.56 (moderate) 78.3 None
PA compared to peers 0.48 (moderate) 85.4 None
Barriers to physical activity
Perceived barriers -0.04-0.29
67.4-90.9 None
Home environment
Household composition All 1.00 except 1* (perfect) All 100 None
TV/PC in bedroom 0.78-1.00
95.8-100 None
Car ownership * 100 None
Local environment
Perceived local environment 0.00-0.54
62.5-93.8 I am concerned about 'stranger danger'.
Day care * 100 None
Transport for short trips 0.29-0.52
68.2-79.2 None
  1. 1. PA = Physical activity; TV = television
  2. 2. Low kappa defined as poor or slight agreement according to cut-offs by Landis & Koch [35].
  3. 3. For the criterion validity study, questions on whether parents restricted their child's computer use or computer game use were combined.
  4. *Kappa could not be calculated due to the limited variation in response.