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Table 4 Factor structure of pre-determined constructs in the questionnaire

From: Validation of a maternal questionnaire on correlates of physical activity in preschool children

Factor structure Variables 1 Eigenvalue % variance explained Cronbach's alpha
Child personality/PA enjoyment
Factor 1 Describe child as physically active, child enjoys physical activity 1.62 40.5 0.76
Factor 2 Describe child as restless and as well-behaved (reversed) 1.37 34.3 0.51
Variables removed 2 : describe child as outgoing
Parental support
Factor 1 Encourage child to do PA; do PA with child; provide transport to places where child can do PA; watch child participate in PA 2.42 60.6 0.77
Variables removed 2 : tell child PA is good for health
Maternal self-efficacy for social support (Difficult to...)
Factor 1 Encourage child to go outside and play; encourage child to play active game instead of watch TV; play active game with child at weekend 1.86 61.9 0.68
Variables removed 2 : take child outside to play when it is hot; play active game with child when feeling tired
Parental rules (Child can...)
Factor 1 Watch TV at meal times; go to bed when they want to; eat snacks while watching TV 1.80 26.8 0.56
Factor 2 Play ball games in the house; run or ride a tricycle/scooter in the house 1.26 23.8 0.60
Factor 3 Play in the park/playground with older children 1.01 17.6 NA
Variables removed: play in the garden without adult supervision 3
Parental restrictions
Factor 1 Restrict child's computer use; restrict child playing computer games NA NA 0.63
Variables removed 2 : restrict child playing outside; restrict child's TV viewing
Barriers to PA
Factor 1 Child is not interested in the activity; weather is too bad; I am too busy; scared child will get hurt 2.93 27.3 0.69
Factor 2 Fees for clubs/swimming pools are too high; difficult to get to PA places; no play areas/parks near home; no other children for child to play with 1.23 24.8 0.66
Variables removed 2 : child lacks skills to do PA; no adult available to supervise child
Local environment
Factor 1 Other children near home who child can play with; play areas, parks or gyms close to home where child can play 1.51 25.2 0.52
Factor 2 Heavy traffic on local streets; concerned about road safety in area 1.43 23.9 0.62
Variables removed2: somewhere at home where child can play outside3; public transport is limited in our area.
  1. 1. PA: physical activity; TV: television
  2. 2. Variables that had a high unexplained variance (> 0.60) were removed from the principal components analysis.
  3. 3. These variables were excluded due to the lack of variation in responses rather than having a high unexplained variance.