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Table 1 Mother's child feeding practices measured by the Child Feeding Questionnaire for Chilean preschool children

From: Maternal anthropometry and feeding behavior toward preschool children: association with childhood body mass index in an observational study of Chilean families

Subscale Definition1 Items Range Cronbach-alpha
Perceived responsibility Degree of mother's responsibility for feeding her child, determining portion sizes, and providing a healthy diet. 3 1 (low feelings of responsibility) to 5 (high feelings of responsibility) 0.75
Concern about child's weight Degree of mother's concern over her child becoming over-weight 3 1 (unconcerned) to 5 (highly concerned) 0.72
Restriction Degree of mother's control over child's eating by restricting access to palatable foods (type and amount). 8 1 (low restriction) to 5 (high restriction) 0.65
Pressure to eat Degree of mother's encouragement on her child to eat. For e.g, finishing everything on the plate. 4 1 (low levels of pressure) to 5 (high levels of pressure) 0.61
Monitoring Degree of mother's awareness of child's consumption of sweets, snacks and other high-fat foods. 3 1 (never) to 5 (always) 0.82